Spring Foraging Recipe: Garlic Mustard Rice Bowls

garlic mustard rice bowl

Here at Ridgefood we’re big fans of foraging for edible plants and flowers in nearby Forest Park. Last week we filled a giant bag with wild garlic mustard—an invasive yet delicious species that permeates the park in April. So what to do with all these greens? We tried making garlic-mustard chips (like kale chips), but the delicate leaves don’t hold

tiny foragers in Forest Park

Tiny foragers

up well to baking and sort of dissolve into your mouth immediately upon eating. Instead, we prefer to simply sauté the leaves in a bit of coconut oil and a dash of salt. They cook down very quickly, like spinach. The greens’ bitterness teams up well with a bowl of fried rice, and of course a runny egg on top to mellow out the garlic mustard and tie everything together. 

garlic mustard

Garlic Mustard Rice Bowls

  • Sautéed wild garlic mustard foraged from Forest Park
  • Fried rice (we frequently make Vietnamese com do, aka “red rice,” aka the garlic-tomato fried rice that Bunker makes. Follow this recipe and be sure to use jasmine rice, and we also recommend Bragg’s Amino Acids for the soy sauce/Maggi component.)
  • Runny fried egg

Feel free to jazz it up with other toppings. Garlic mustard can currently be found pretty much everywhere in the park. Enjoy!

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