This is a website about eating, cooking, and shopping for food in Ridgewood, Queens.

Ridgewood is quirky and diverse, and it’s a great place for food. While it lacks French bistros, decent bagels (Norma’s has bagels now! -Ed.), and trendiness, it boasts amazing specialty markets and no-frills ethnic restaurants. With the help of Ridgewood resident experts, we hope you will discover new places and foods to enjoy!

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“Best of the ‘Best of 2012’ Lists: ‘Tis that time of year, when “Top 10″ listicles abound. But there’s so much good food in NYC — how could we pick just a few favorite restaurants or dishes? Instead, here are our picks … for our favorite “Best of 2012″ lists compiled by friends and fellow food bloggers/writers.” –@CitySpoonful

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Where did you take the header-image photo (i.e. the dancing ham)?
Aneta Deli
(690 Woodward Avenue). One of the best Polish lunch & dinner takeout places. Super cheap for a ton of food! And they sell bacon-flavored pretzel sticks, which are a hit at parties.

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