Sfogliatelle from Catania Bakery

catania bakery lobster tail


I am finally getting around to writing our first Ridgefood post! Sorry it’s taken forever!

Friends, one of the very best things about Ridgewood — and what inspired me to explore all the food nooks and crannies of the ‘hood and start this website — is sfogliatelle from Catania Bakery on Fresh Pond Road. Being not that into custardy fillings and dry cookies, I am not really a huge fan of Italian pastries. But sfogliatelle (aka “lobster tails”) are sooo good. The bottom is sort of a cross between a cream puff and a croissant, and the top is all these flaky, crunchy layers. Delicious! It’s filled with a version of French pastry cream that is basically whipped cream with powdered sugar and egg white for a bit more body.

FYI: There’s another branch of Catania Bakery at 487 Harman Street, a few blocks over in Brooklyn. A few key differences: Pastries are topped with a maraschino cherry (?!), and more importantly, THE LOBSTER TAILS ARE NOT THE SAME. The filling is more custard-like, which I do not enjoy and cannot recommend.

Catania Bakery

64-10 Fresh Pond Road [map]
(718) 417-5700

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