Crepes and Waffles and Another Ridgewood Bar Crawl

Don’t forget! The second Ridgewood Bar Crawl, brought to you by the Ridgewood Social (née Ridgewood Meetup) folks, takes place this Saturday night. New stops on the crawl include Eros Cafe and Polish German Club House, as well as Parlay (aka the former Hi-5, so it’s not NEW new). We seldom make it out to bars in the ‘wood, so the crawl is a good excuse to go totally wild. Just kidding (?).

RSVP here, or just show up! Scroll down for a map of the crawl route.

Naleśniki Gofry

The crepe & wafflerie is adjacent to a bustling stop on the Q58 bus

But first! In honor of the bar crawl, we’d like to give a shout-out to Naleśniki Gofry, the little crepe & Belgian waffle window on Fresh Pond Road. Reminiscent of food stalls in Flushing, the creperie, whose name literally means “Crepe Waffle” in Polish, has a palpable urban street-food vibe that’s perfectly suited for a night of drinking*. Stumble up to the window, which is located in a corner space that’s been carved out of Jiffy Cleaners, a working laundromat, and order a sweet waffle with Nutella & fruit, or a savory crepe with ham, mushrooms, and/or cheese. They also offer something called “casserole,” which the counter gal translated simply as “hot sandwich.”


nutella crepe

Nutella crepe filled with strawberries & bananas

Naleśniki Gofry

A crepe and waffle window in the corner of a laundromat

Naleśniki Gofry menu

We’re not sure how it compares to other crepe & waffle stands, honestly (drunk food for us usually means French fries and melted cheese, not sugary stuff), but everything on the menu is under $5 so you really can’t go wrong!

*Or an afternoon/early evening of drinking. They close at 10pm.

Ridgewood Bar Crawl Deux Map:

View Ridgewood Bar Crawl Number 2 in a larger map

Naleśniki Gofry

Located on the corner of Fresh Pond Road & 67th Avenue [map]

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