An Exclusive Look Inside Cream

Cream A few months ago we got a sneak peek inside Cream, the ’90s-looking Latin sexyspot on Myrtle that never actually opened. Well, tonight at “Cream Restaurant,” the Myrtle Avenue BID will be co-hosting the second public workshop to review a preliminary design for the adjacent 71st Avenue Plaza, so we thought now would be a good time to show you what we saw behind those smooth, mysterious double doors. 


The walls are lined with tasteful real wood, and pictures of… boobs and butts. Is Cream just a bar — or something more?


Here’s a well-stocked bar decorated with lovely colorful rectangle accents. You can see a leafy garden in back, plus stairs that lead to an upstairs lounge. We’d hang out here! We should note that these photos were unauthorized — though the guys working were very friendly and told us they were doing some sprinkler maintenance. We’re not sure if the sexy pics will still adorn the walls at tonight’s meeting, but at least you can enjoy them here!

UPDATE! The owner’s son, Matthew, told us they plan to open in the next few weeks as a full-service restaurant and bar. The menu will be “continental American” and “local,” and they’ll serve weekend brunch. We hope it’s good. Best of all, we snapped a bunch of new photos of the place! It’s pretty snazzy, but in an accessible way that suits Ridgewood (the owner is Polish, btw, so the menu may feature a few Polish-inspired items). Here’s the rest of our pics:


View from the stairs


Nice lighting


Full bar! Yes, please.


Open kitchen


Another kitchen view


Backyard. There’s two (2) outdoor areas — one upstairs, one down. (Photo courtesy Ridgewood Social)

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