El Palacio de las Empanadas Ecuatorianas


Chicken empanada

Our next food cart stop might be the busiest cart in Ridgewood. El Palacio de las Empanadas Ecuatorianas greets you as you enter the Myrtle Avenue BID (on the Duane Reade side). As the day progresses and appetites swell, there’s often several people hanging around the cart, catching up on the day’s activities while they enjoy their chicken and chicken and cheese empanadas ($1.50 each). 


Two ladies work the cart, stuffing and frying empanadas. They’re rarely greasy thanks to the ladies’ expert frying skills and the cart’s high turnover (pun intended). Our non–Ridgewood-resident friend Brooke picks up an empanada whenever she visits the neighborhood, telling us: “I like the option of a quick hot snack on my walk.”

We typically order a chicken empanada, lightly seasoned with a turmeric-stained interior, because the white cheese in the cheese empanadas sometimes collects into one end of the empanada when the pockets puff out during the frying process. The chicken also tends to shimmy into one end, but you can easily shake the empanada and redistribute the meat. There’s just enough chicken and crust to curb your appetite, but not enough to give you that heavy “fried food” feeling.

El Palacio de las Empanadas Ecuatorianas

Coconut beverage and other menu options

TIP: Condiments aren’t standard with the empanadas, but on the left side of the cart you’ll see red and green sauce that they use for salchipapas and hot dogs. Just ask for some. El Palacio serves a coconut beverage, too, though we haven’t tried it yet.

El Palacio de las Empanadas Ecuatorianas

In front of Duane Reade (5411 Myrtle Avenue) [map]

5 thoughts on “El Palacio de las Empanadas Ecuatorianas

  1. Went there earlier today but they weren’t there. Was a little disappointed cause I started craving an empanada… Do you happen to know the hours?

    • They told us 10am-10pm, but it was a reluctant answer and I think sometimes they don’t show up until closer to noon. But they’re definitely there pretty consistently, unless it’s raining or something.

  2. Dåååån…de ble knallfine.I neste uke har Gubben høstferie, tror han trenger besøk av Ivar…slik at ivar kan snekre et slikt bord til meg ogsÃ¥…sÃ¥ kan de være sosiale etterpÃ¥? Høres ikke det greit ut? hehe:)Skikkelig bra!!Lampa er jeg for min del usikker pÃ¥..men smaken er som baken, du spør og jeg svarer:)Ha en flott kveld, her er det peiskos.Klemmings fra havet:)

  3. Hem… c’est un gros contresens ce que vous dites.Soit c’est un fake soit c’est pas un fake mais effectivement c’est un désaxé…c’est comme si je vous disais que ce type s’appelle Soit Bernard soit autrement… j’ai comme qui dirait pas mal de chances de tomber juste… :palors la leçon de morale derrière…

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