Breakfast at the Myrtle-Wyckoff Tamale Cart


Salsa roja y mole tamales

Food Cart Month wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the tamale cart that sits prominently outside the Myrtle-Wyckoff subway station and is our beacon of deliciousness. We often visit first thing in the morning as we head out for the day’s adventures. The delicious, hot tamales make a filling breakfast, and they also travel well and serve as a satisfying lunch component later in the day (try one with soup or a salad!). Plus, they’re cheap — just $1 each! 

Tip: Visit the cart before 10am, when the tamale supply starts to dwindle. They set up shop EARLY — around 5am — and usually pack up by noon. Not surprisingly, mole with chicken (our favorite) sells out first.  Also try the tamales de rajas, with spicy peppers and cheese.

Fun Fact: The cart used to park along Wyckoff Ave, but last fall it shuffled about 25 feet over to its current spot on Myrtle Ave. Why? “Policia,” they told us.

arroz con leche

Warm cup of champurrado (their version isn’t particularly recommended, to be honest, but maybe it’s supposed to be gelatinous?)

tamale cart

Tamale Cart

Outside the main entrance to the Myrtle-Wyckoff subway station (in Brooklyn, but the station boasts three Ridgewood exits so we consider the tamale cart area to be Ridgewood by proxy) [map]
Also, for some reason we can’t remember if it’s 7 days a week or M–F. Will update ASAP.

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