Ridgewood Food Cart Roundup

El Bochinche

Need to try next time: El Bochinche on St. Nicholas Ave

Welcome to our official recap of Food Cart Month(s) 2013! We’re suffering from food cart fatigue so this will be brief. Here’s what we learned:

While Ridgewood is not yet a major player in the food cart scene like 7-train Queens or Midtown, we’ve got plenty going on! We have a pretty legit halal cart, a wildly popular empanada cart, a taco truck that makes tasty fish tacos and cemitas, some llapachingos with potential, and of course our old friend the tamale cart

And…. we just noticed the weekend cart zone that’s recently sprouted up on St. Nicholas Ave near St. Brigid’s church (just outside Ridgewood). Of particular interest: El Bochinche (pictured above), which serves arepas, cheese-stuffed plantains, elote (grilled corn with cheese/mayo/lime), and other things we like. We’ll check ’em out soon.

To sum it up: There are more carts than we can write about! In addition to the newly discovered St. Brigid’s cart zone, we noticed a bunch of new halal carts — Sawari (a different halal cart used to park in this spot but hasn’t in a few months) and two others by Myrtle-Wyckoff. It remains to be seen whether any of these carts stick around, though.


So that’s it. We’ll continue to cover food carts, but probably just periodically instead of a “month” type of deal.

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