The Early Word on Ridgewood’s Nepalese Indian Restaurant

Let’s be honest: in the world of Ridgewood’s meager sit-down dining options, the fact that we now have Indian and Nepalese food, in a comfy space with cute moon lamps, is monumental. We’re thrilled. The Nepalese Indian Restaurant on Seneca has been open for just over a week, so we thought we’d share some of the highlights thus far.

Vegetable momos


Momos! Everyone seems to be super-psyched about these traditional Nepalese dumplings, which so far are the only Nepalese menu items that are available. The vegetable momos are filled with finely chopped cabbage, flecks of carrot, and lots of ginger, and they’re served with a spicy, lightly curried dipping sauce. Very, very tasty. Our momos were fried, but we’re eager try the steamed version next time; they seem to be the more popular option among Nepalese folks (totally unscientific observation). 

saag paneer dinner

Prix-fixe dinner special includes basmati rice, naan, dal, and gulab jamun for dessert. Standard stuff. Entrée options are limited but definitely cover the basics (like saag paneer, pictured).

shrimp tandoori masala

We really enjoyed this shrimp tandoori masala, but a warning: it’s very rich and kind of weighs you down, and you feel conflicted about having eaten something that may well be solid at room temperature. Our first choice, lobster tikka masala, wasn’t available, but both dishes, along with several other menu items, contain bits of cashew nuts — a pleasant textural surprise.

Paneer makhan

Paneer makhan: another super-rich but tasty dish. Includes chunks of paneer, more of the creamy cashew sauce, and almonds.

Free papadum was better than we’ve had at other places. We also liked the samosas. There’s so much more to try!

Now, the lowlights: The owner and staff are very friendly, but they really do need to work on their table service, as some reviews have indicated. It’s really quite bad (menus, water, ordering our food, and the check all required prodding). They may also want to consider rearranging the tables in the back so it’s less cramped. Luckily (hopefully), this can all be fixed.

Oh, one more thing: it’d be great if the Nepalese menu included descriptions of each dish, because unless you’re Nepalese, you won’t know what anything is. Currently, the Nepalese menu lists thukpa (noodle soup), samaya baji (an amazing-sounding combo-type plate with ingredients such as rice cakes, black soybean, boiled eggs, fruit, lentil patties, fresh ginger, and dried fish), and sel roti (rice donut with cardamom and cloves), but no mention of ingredients or even type of dish. Frustrating! Maybe we’ll post a “Ridgefood Guide to Nepalese Items at Nepalese Indian Restaurant” when the rest of the Nepalese menu launches.

The good news is that the restaurant currently offers a 20% discount for take-out and delivery only. In other words, they’re paying you to not dine at the actual restaurant. So until they get the service issues sorted out, take them up on their offer, order in (or play it safe and pick up) some momos and biriyani, and watch Louie or Friday Night Lights or Law & Order (circa Briscoe & Curtis) on Netflix Instant, and let them work out the kinks.

In other Himalayan Explosion news:

No. 1 Fusion

The way we were: No. 1 Fusion Chinese, before it closed

As reported earlier, No. 1 Fusion, the Chinese restaurant on Venditti Square, was set to launch a Tibetan menu last month. In a disappointing turn of events, they decided to scrap the plans and close the restaurant altogether. According to Harry, the building’s owner, the proprietor of No. 1 Fusion was overwhelmed by the demands of running a restaurant, and he vacated the space very suddenly — he even left behind Tibetan mementos and a framed picture of the Dalai Lama. The space has since been rented to the folks who run neighboring barber shop Big Poppas, who plan to open a men’s clothing store.

Nepalese Indian Restaurant

907 Seneca Avenue [map]
(718) 417-1873

5 thoughts on “The Early Word on Ridgewood’s Nepalese Indian Restaurant

  1. We ate at the Nepalese Indian Restaurant last night and cannot wait to go back. I enjoyed the delicious steamed chicken momo. My wife like the Hariyali Kabab. The papadum was indeed delicious. I liked that water was served in ethnic looking metal contianers that looked like hammered copper on the outisde but a clean and smooth light colored metal on the inside. Our experience of the service was about the same as yours, but we have experienced the same in other sit down Middle Eastern and Asian restaurants, from Turkish to Thai. We were the only anglos in the restaurant at the time and heard more than one Namaste. I hope they remove the old Chinese Resaurant wall photos and put up some Himalayan scenes along with Tibetin prayer flags.

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  4. My fiancé and I love this place! Even my 8 year old likes their food. We all share a chicken tikki masala, butter naan and samosas. It’s delicious, tastes fresh and it’s more than enough for everyone. We either order or dine in at least once a week!

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